The Scope for Growth in your Career as a Pediatrician

If you're a pre-med or medical student, you're probably already thinking about what kind of doctor you want to be. Becoming a pediatrician may be on the minds of those who want to work with babies, children, or teenagers. With 95% of graduating pediatric residents stating that they would prefer pediatrics, it's a fascinating career path to pursue. This article might help you identify more about what is a pediatrician and the scope of growth of this profession globally. 

What is a pediatrician?
Pediatricians specialize in helping children become healthy and prosper, from giving babies their first vaccinations to guiding adolescents through puberty's physical and mental changes. However, after several years as a general physician, some doctors are ready to explore other avenues for assisting children. Moving into hospital and insurance administration professions and focusing in fields like pediatrics surgery or pediatric oncology are some of these options within pediatrics.

What Does the Future Hold for Pediatricians?
Pediatricians have a promising job outlook. A profession in pediatrics typically necessitates extensive formal education to prepare for caring for children. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the overall job forecast for physicians and surgeons is 7% from 2018 to 2028. This is a better job outlook than the national average. However, the reports claimed that the job outlook for general pediatricians was only 2% during the same period. Nevertheless, this is still a strong job outlook, with 700 new jobs expected between 2018 and 2028.

Pediatricians have the best job prospects at specialized hospitals, with a projected growth rate of around 33% from 2018 to 2028. According to the researchers, private specialty hospitals had an even better outlook for the same period, with a 40% chance of survival. Outpatient care centers, which employ around 38% of doctors, private colleges, universities, and professional institutions, also have promising job prospects for pediatricians.

According to the polls, the demand for physicians and surgeons increases as the population grows and ages. Slower growth in the area could be attributable to new technologies and developments that allow doctors to treat more patients while increasing their efficiency. Doctors are in high demand in rural and low-income areas; therefore, employment opportunities are plentiful. Most medical school graduates are placed in residencies for their first job straight after graduation.

These careers may require more training, but they frequently pay well. Although a pediatrician's average yearly compensation is $172,650, pediatric specialists earn an average of $223,490. According to specific sources, a pediatrician can earn even more per year, depending on their levels of seniority.

Compared to internal medicine physicians, statistics reveal that general pediatricians have the highest job satisfaction. Based on community partnerships, personal time, patient interactions, relationships with colleagues, and patient issues, they report the highest levels of job satisfaction. Thus as pediatricians, you are less prone to burnout and job stress and enjoy an active career. 


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