Hadeel Al-Qudsi : The Unknown Self-Technology

We always look for human brain achievements and latest findings in technology and materialistic development, but we have completely gone blank about caring and nourishing the technology of self-development that stems out of mind and soul. Life –coach role here is simply presses the on button for the client to validate his existence then hands him over the rest of the task to gear and direct this innate technology towards hitting his goals……..What matters here is a powerful desire and persistence for activating the inner technology, how will we manage this technology and preserve it

We often heard a traditional saying from our ancestors that taking action is a blessing, the idea is, it is good to be active. Yet, is it a body movement? Or brain activation with diving deep in soul? In my opinion it is a holistic picture of them all that creates momentum, and keeping this momentum going on depends on the type of personality and the specifications of mind faculty power

Whatever way used in activation, it is important to pay attention to how we judge ourselves and how this judgement would affect the way we value ourselves, it might disrupt us or enlighten us.

It is good to embrace our being and appreciate every piece of knowledge we have. It is in the front burner to become aware of our qualities and positive traits

Observing and enhancing awareness & sensibility of mind and and keeping body in good condition both would serve and maintain this great Self-Technology

By: Life-Coach

Hadeel Al-Qudsi

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