Victims of terrorism .... ready to take up arms to expel ISIS of Mosul

Farah Adnan :

Baghdad: Since the announcement of the Iraqi prime minister, the general commander of the armed forces, Haider al-Abadi, 17 this month, starting edit city of Mosul operations, the last bastion of the organization ISIS terrorist, led by the Iraqi army and the participation of the Kurdish Peshmerga forces and the attribution of Alhashed Alshaaby and Alaashary, as well as the attribution of aircraft of international coalition forces, regional and international community and the Iraqi street and its different components in full alert to monitor the ongoing battle events, to get rid of the terrorist organization, which will end in Mosul, as promised to the Iraqi prime minister, in particular, that the joint Iraqi forces have achieved to date, according to observers of field developments, significant progress in a short time, with a significant decline of the elements of the organization, let alone monitor and the assignment of the victims of terrorism to the battle on the organization, which robbed them of their rights and to live freely.
In terms of the Diyala Bridge of Madain, southeast of Baghdad, lived a young man at the age of 25 years, a victim of terrorism, which robbed his legs, but limit the difficult circumstances experienced by Iraq to complete the march of his life and claim their rights to live in freedom and dignity.
Mustafa Maher, a master's student, Political Science, Al-Mustansiriya University, lives with his parents and his son, aged one year, since his marriage ended in failure to his health and the loss of his legs, and now lives on a simple salary provided by the state for being with special needs, which is dreaming of completing doctoral and get a job because of his simple living.
Maher spoke to me, with all the insistence of the challenge, he is ready to take up arms, if necessary, despite the loss of his legs, to support the Iraqi army in its battle to ISIS, he said: "terrorism robbed our land and our lives and destroyed, and if some countries support Iraq in its fight to organize, how son of the country is not fighting and supporting the army to defend the homeland".

Qaeda robbed me my legs
Maher subjected to a terrorist bombing of the al-Qaeda, which resulted in the amputation of limbs above the knee, the result of a mortar shell at the home in terms of Diyala Bridge, the end of 2004, is noteworthy that Iraq in that period witnessed several terrorist attacks from al-Qaeda, which are classified, in at the time, the most serious terrorist movements in the world, where he led the terrorist "Abu Musab al-Zarqawi," who was killed in Iraq air strike targeted a place in the Diyala province, east of northern Iraq.
Maher said: "From that moment, my life changed, and I reviewed many hospitals and relevant government departments to provide artificial limbs for legs Alambtortan, and treatment outside Iraq, but it did not work it, that you can use artificial limbs temporarily provided one-Foreign Iraqi organizations in Kurdistan , but I could not travel outside the country for treatment",he added," is currently trying hard to review the relevant authorities to help me access to sophisticated parties according to what my financial situation allows, and I hope the Iraqi government to allow me to treatment outside Iraq".
Attention to the victims of corruption
"Terrorism has many forms and rampant corruption in the country is one of the forms of terrorism and has several victims", So tell me Maher, said: "Just as ISIS terrorist behind us displaced persons, widows, orphans and victims like my health, there could be worse, corruption is rampant in the country will succeed us victims of another type, since participated in last year's demonstrations to demand reforms",adding that" the Iraqi people gave voice and confidence in government Abadi, so ask him to stamp out corruption and preserve the rights and the dignity of the Iraqi man, "and urged the Iraqi government, at the same time, to look after civilians who were forced under arms stand with ISIS terrorist, but when the free Iraqi army welcomed their areas and stood with the army to get rid of the terrorist organization that knows no mercy and kills all the components of the Iraqi people.
Migration out of Iraq
"If you do not improve the situation of the country and I lost hope, I will seek to migrate out of Iraq", Maher completed his speech with me this, and he said: "The situation in Iraq is very difficult, especially, like my health, it is hard to keep such a situation and there are dozens like the worst cases, will not hide a secret, so if the situation continued even after the salvation of ISIS, ask for asylum to any country, and I'm trying to appeal to Iraqis abroad to help me to facilitate my departure from the country is".


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يرجى كتابة النص الموجود في الصورة، مع مراعاة الأحرف الكبيرة والصغيرة رموز التحقق
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